The first personalized soundscape for a brand went live in New York

Endel has introduced an immersive sound experience for public spaces – and the first is in a pop-up store of Maapilim, a men’s care brand.

Endel has introduced an immersive sound experience for public spaces – and the first is in a pop-up store of Maapilim, a men’s care brand.

A facade painted black and white, an antique-looking console supporting a canopy, a fine whisper of an olive tree gracing the storefront, and soft light glowing from a picture window are all hints of what’s inside. Upon walking in and leaving behind the hustle of one of the busiest city’s neighborhoods, you arrive in a bucolic Mediterranean rooftop-garden — albeit one that’s popped up in a New York basement. This store doesn’t sell you anything from the get-go. Instead, it welcomes you to take a rest, a breath, and reclaim your time — in an all-white, zen-ish interior enriched with herbs, shapes, and materials related to Tel-Aviv, where Maapilim hails from. The men’s beauty brand is built around the idea of slow living, which is evident when you walk in and sense total calm. Sound has a big role to play here. To top the flawlessly-designed ambiance, Maapilim invited the Endel team to create a personalized sound environment for the whole space.

This friendship started after Maapilim’s founder Jonathan Keren mentioned Endel as his “latest and coolest discovery” for focusing at work, in an interview for Inc. magazine. With so much in common — in particular, new and special approaches to wellness — the two brands gravitated to each other. So, when Maapilim started working on its first brick-and-mortar in NYC, Endel created a sound interior for it. Dmitry Evgrafov, the composer behind the sound-generating algorithm, was over the moon when he discovered that Maapilim wanted to turn their customers to “vacation mode”, a slower-paced state of mind. As a baseline, Dmitry took Endel’s Relax mode and added echoes of the brand’s grassroot values: “I am obsessed with some small details in sound that add liveliness and effortlessness to a soundscape,” he said. “Like the subtle creaking and rustle of a yacht at sea, or calm waves that break on a Mediterranean beach — where warm melodies interplay with dream-like woodwinds”.

The collaboration was an offline debut for both brands. As they’re used to turning everything into data as digital brands, Maapilim and Endel ironically began to measure the store’s success in “session duration” — the length of time people stayed in the stress-reducing environment. And the numbers were high. Both passers-by and regular brand customers stayed for quite some time relaxing, gazing at the many details of the interior, testing products, sipping coffee, and chatting with experts at the store. All the while their bodies and minds were unwinding in line with Endel’s soothing sounds. So, now that Endel practiced its new technology that may adapt soundscapes to a brand’s ambiance and enhance any space designed for people’s comfort you might expect many more commercial collaborations

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Image credits: Maapilim

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