Ways to Tame Anxiety

See yourself calming

Visualize stress or anxiety dissipating. If you're outside, relax and imagine the wind carrying it far away. If you’re stuck at home or work, imagine yourself outside. Visualization is a powerful tool.

Try Endel scenarios

Life is complex, we're here for more than just sleep. Use Endel for better sleep, but also to ease the strain of big work projects or stressful family encounters.

Change your focus

Switch tasks to interrupta persistent negative flow. Even small changes can help restore your sense of balance and control.

Fight unrealistic fears

Sometimes we give our worries too much power. That means, it can often help to ask yourself: are they real or practical? Be fair with yourself, it’s a great way to prevent fear from taking over.

Use the floor

See how your body feels when you lie down and stretch out. Explore how your joints react. Identify stress points and weaknesses so you know what to work on and what to protect.

Relax and
recharge with Endel

Soothe your body and mind with soundscapes backed by science.

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