Endel is a sound wellness company headquartered in Berlin. Founded by a collective of imaginative developers and artists, Endel is democratizing wellness by making it accessible to all. Endel runs a cross-platform ecosystem of AI-powered apps that create personalized, functional soundscapes to help people focus, relax, and sleep. Endel’s patented technology takes inputs from the user's movement, time of day, weather, heart rate, location, and other factors. It then uses AI to generate personalized soundscapes that adapt to changes in real-time.

Endel is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Amazon Alexa, wearables, Apple TV, and as album releases on streaming platforms. The ecosystem has over 1 million active users monthly, and they listen to a million and a half hours a month. Endel partnered with Mercedes-Benz Group Research, All Nippon Airways, Nura, Oura, and others.

In 2020, Endel became the Apple Watch App of the Year and recently received a Google Play Best of 2021 award.

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Investors and Partners

Amazon Alexa Fund

VC funding for voice tech innovation

Avex Group

Japanese entertainment giant

Chris Leacock

Jillionaire, Major Lazer

Kima Ventures

International Angel investment firm

La Fleur

World-famous DJ

Plus Eight Equity Partners

Advisors include DJs Richie Hawtin and Pete Tong

Supermoon Capital

Specialist platform helping visionary founders

Target Global

Venture capital firm headquartered in Berlin

Techstars Music

Accelerator program supported by global music business

True Ventures

Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm

Waverley Capital

The Leader in Media Focused Venture Capital

Powerhouse Capital

Global Media & Technology VC powered by Los Angeles

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