Welcome to the Inner Circle

We’ve reserved a place for you in our comfy Discord community, the Endel Bubble: your source for science-backed wellness and connection to the Endel team and users.

Feather with eyes open

AMA and brainstorms with the Endel team

Contribute to creating Endel and meet people behind the scenes of your beloved features, sounds, and bugs!

Dog with face

Exclusive sneak peeks and access to Endel betas

Our new soundscapes and features come community-tested and approved. Be the first to try the next Big Thing!

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Your direct line with Endel

Ask us anything: we love to chat and learn more about your use cases, feature requests, and opportunities for Endel and the community!

Random fact

The community name is a reference to Endel sound as your protective bubble and social circles that nowadays spark more and more global shifts.

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