Personalized, real-time sound generation

Endel Pacific® is the patented technology that powers our apps and integrations.

What makes Endel Pacific®

By taking inputs from devices or sensors, Endel Pacific can understand context, and generate the optimal soundscape for focus, relaxation, or sleep – in real-time, on-device.

Image: Abstract graph with input icons

Inputs: you and your environment

Depending on the device and permissions, Endel Pacific® can use your bedtime, natural light levels, weather, and time of day to figure out your Circadian Rhythms. There are also reactive inputs, like head position for Spatial Audio, heart rate for Apple Watch, and motion data for Activity soundscapes.

Image: Human head with heaphones

Core AI Logic

The engine creates a profile of the listener based on their inputs and personalizes the experience. It then maps these inputs onto the soundscape logic accordingly, using the AI-powered node system.

Image: Sound pipelines

Sound generation

The sound logic and elements are pre-designed by our sound team and assigned to every soundscape. Driven by the core logic, with any input change the sound adapts on-the-fly.

Image: Sound pipelines

Output: your device

Endel is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple Vision Pro, Alexa, and on the web.

Endel Pacific integrations

Endel Pacific is built to create personalized soundscapes across multiple platforms. It’s designed for both software and hardware integrations.

Waves on the Road

Mercedes Benz Research Group

A one-of-a-kind Endel Car Experience. Powered by Endel AI, it’s designed to keep drivers focused and relaxed while in motion with smart, adaptive soundscapes.

sony headphones

Sony Linkbud Series

We partnered with Sony to seamlessly integrate Endel's science-backed soundscapes with the immersive sound of Sony LinkBuds and LinkBuds S.

Sleep Science cover

Amazon Music

Endel Pacific was used to generate an 8 hour sleep playlist for Amazon Music. The playlist follows the scientific phase of Endel’s Sleep soundscape.

Smarbeats screenshot

Smartbeats by Smartwater

A special web integrated created for Smart Water. Generative soundscapes created with artists and powered by Endel’s core technology.

This is how Endel sound is generated — but why does it work?

Endel's functional soundscapes are scientifically designed to have a focusing, relaxing or sleep-inducing effect.