Endel: Relax and recharge with Endel

Relax and recharge with Endel

Soothe your body and mind with soundscapes backed by science. Relax, recharge, and tame stress with the Endel apps for iOS, Android, macOS, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, and Apple TV

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Know your energy cycles, get recommendations, browse sounds, and more
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Endel creates endless, personalized sounds to help you focus, relax, and sleep
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Support your wellness routines with tailor-made Scenarios like Yoga and Meditation

Soothed by science

Grounded in neuroscience, Endel’s soothing sounds are engineered to help you feel calmer. A study found that our soundscapes can bring a 3.6x reduction in stress levels with regular use.

Tailored to you

Endel's soundscapes adapt to your needs. The app uses real-time inputs, including heart rate and circadian rhythm, to give you the most relaxing experience possible.

Endless soundscapes

Start once, play as long as you need. Endel soundscapes are endless, personalized, and evolving

Timed Scenarios

Optimized to help you with specific activities, Scenarios are directed and timed sound experiences

Endel × Alan Watts:
Wiggly Wisdom

Get refreshed and motivated with an adaptive spoken word soundscape, infused with the playful wisdom of thinker Alan Watts

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Autoplay automatically chooses the perfect soundscape for your current state. Whether it’s your morning productivity peak, or an early-evening time-out, Endel supports you with Focus, Relax, or Sleep. Just press start.

Join the sound
wellness revolution

Endel is science-backed, but more importantly, it’s people-proven. Endel users across the globe are super-powering their sleep with the power of sound

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users worldwide
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“Alexa, start Relax with Endel”

Make downtime seamless with Endel on Alexa. Use Smart Suggestions, Routines, and one-shot phrases to reduce screen time and create moments that work for you

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