2022-02-11 / Endel

Miguel: “Endel is about adding quality to life”

Heads with the lines

Miguel is a Grammy Award-winning musician and singer, fitness and meditation enthusiast, and mental health advocate. His rock-inspired take on R&B has seen him smash the Billboard charts, collaborate with the world’s biggest stars, and use his platform to speak out about the importance of mental and physical wellbeing. Miguel is the co-creator of our adaptive movement-based soundscape, Clarity Trip.

Let’s first rewind through Miguel’s storied musical career. In 2010, his genre-melding debut solo album, “All I Want Is You” was released. The album’s title track featuring J. Cole solidified Miguel as R&B’s hottest ticket of the year. His eclectic sound has found him collaborating with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Mariah Carey, Travis Scott, J. Cole, Alicia Keys, and many more.

After battling bouts of depression, Miguel learnt more about mindfulness and began building a stronger relationship with his own mental health, while opening up the conversation to a wider audience. During the peak of the pandemic, Miguel joined H.E.R., Trevor Noah, and other big names for Better Together: a virtual mental health storytelling summit.

In an interview with NME, Miguel shared why he believed discussing mental health was so important: “When things are avoided and taboo, to find there are these points of commonality, you realize there are so many people who experience these things and don’t really often talk about it.”

Lines and circles

In 2021, Migue collaborated with Endel to create Clarity Trip. A groundbreaking soundscape that adapts to your movement, supporting every step of your walk, hike, or run to give you greater mental clarity, increase performance, and make moving more enjoyable.

“I make music that is primarily focused on lyric and melody, this gave me an opportunity to remove that element and just focus on mood, understanding how different tones affect mental states", Miguel said, sharing how creating the soundscape differs from a regular album release.

Adding why he believed the end result was so special, he says, "I think the combination of emotion and genuine expression paired with Endel's algorithm adds a whole new personal element, and customizes them for each user.”


"“I am looking forward to all of the ways that I never could have imagined the music to connect with me and then with other people."

Ultimately, the goal for Miguel was to use his music and sound to improve people’s lives. “Endel is about adding quality to life and adding value. I felt very confident that this will help people.”

Clarity Trip is available on iOS, Android, and Apple Watch.