2023-03-03 / Endel

Tips for Improving Students Concentration and Focus: Felix Dimmerling's Story

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I graduated from high school with advanced courses in physics and math, so I’m generally looking at life through a scientific lens. Last year, I studied a lot and noticed that sometimes I had trouble concentrating.

"I am an active thinker and my thoughts are easily drawn away. That’s why I need something to help get the tension off my brain and stay on task."

My Study Technique

I used to listen to different types of music while studying or doing homework. I had a few playlists, more energetic or chill, with or without vocals. I switched between them depending on my mood and what I had to do. That did not really work for me because the tracks were usually 5 to 6 minutes long, then there was a cut and then it started again. There were no crossfades or seamless transitions between tracks. That disrupted my work rhythm and distracted me more than any external sounds.

"I needed something to blend with the background while supporting my concentration."

I found Endel by accident in the App Store, just read the description and got curious. The argument that Endel helps concentration up to 7 times more effectively than music for focus sounded very compelling to me. Even if it's not 7 times more effective, but only 2 times, it's already an improvement and worth a try!

Endel helps me get into the flow state and supports me in what I am doing. I use Endel through speakers and adjust the volume so I can hear the sound, but not so loud that I start to listen to it. Soundscapes for focus fills the room and stimulates the brain without drawing attention — that’s the reason I stay with Endel.

"The circadian status closely matches my personal experience during the day."

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Secrets of Studying Better

Despite the fact that I initially used Endel nearly entirely for focus, I eventually gave a shot to the sleep sounds in the app. I definitely start to use it more frequently for sleeping now that I've graduated and don't need to study as much. I don't actually have any sleep issues: like everyone else, I have good nights and bad nights when it comes to sleeping. I would often stay up later than normal because I work best at the end of the day when I feel most productive.

"I know that doctors constantly advise having a sleep schedule, lowering the lights, putting away gadgets, and slowing down so that you are prepared for sleep at least an hour before you actually want to go to sleep. But it’s not always possible for me."

Endel is perfect in such cases. I turn on Wind Down every evening, and it has become a strong signal for me that it's time for bed. Since my brain is so accustomed to Endel, I turn it on even when I don't think I'd need it. Maybe it's all a placebo effect, but it feels like Endel supports my sleep. Also, while I'm traveling, Endel makes me feel at home when I turn on soundscapes for sleep in the hotels. This makes me feel secure and helps me tune into a particular mental state. It is an added perk I receive from my antistress app.

Smart Alarm is my favorite feature. Before, I used the iPhone's Health app, where you can also select your alarm settings. After a few weeks, I would become tired of those ringtones and stop waking up because I couldn't stand them. I find that Endel's Smart Alarm is unique in that I can use it repeatedly and it will continue to wake me up and make me feel refreshed. Smart Alarm gets the brain up and running quickly so that it is ready for the day, reducing the morning slump.

Endel is a fantastic mental health app, so I generally recommend it to relatives and friends. Last year when getting ready for the final exams I would recommend it to many fellows to help them with concentration.

"AI-generated music, productivity sounds, or pictures have a bright future, in my opinion. They won’t completely replace anything, but they will increase access to some mindfulness tools for many people."