Sound has a direct impact on our physiological and psychological wellbeing. It helps us to sleep and concentrate, and reduces stress and anxiety while having a positive effect on heart rate and blood pressure.

Endel’s Focus soundscape has been validated using the Experience Sampling Method by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi*. It showed a 6.3-time increase in concentration and 3.6-time decrease in anxiety. We are currently partnering with sleep science company SleepScore Labs to improve our Sleep soundscape.

*Professor of Psychology and Management at Claremont Graduate University, author of the best-selling book “Flow”


Endel’s generative soundscapes adapt in real-time to different personal inputs – like location, weather, and heart rate.

Circadian Rhythms

Your biological clock is in tune with nature’s organic rhythms and cycles. Endel complements these to improve how you feel – night and day. 

Pentatonic Scale

Endel uses pentatonic scale and pure intonation to create simple sounds that are both pleasant and physiologically natural.

Sound Masking

We’ve developed Endel’s sound engine using specially tuned noises to make distracting sounds and harsh interruptions less audible.

How Endel works

The Circadian Rhythm

The base input for Endel is the circadian rhythm: the internal biological clock that regulates the body’s sleep and wake cycles — as well as natural energy peaks and slumps — over a 24-hour period.

However, the circadian rhythm can get disrupted by the surrounding environment.


User State

The surrounding environment affects the body throughout the day and can make the circadian rhythm out of sync. Personal inputs (time zone, natural light, heart rate, motion type) are essential for Endel to realign a user’s current state with the circadian rhythm. It is made possible by an adaptive soundscape.

The resulting soundscape adapts to inputs in real-time. The input that currently matters most is shown in the app below the circadian phase.

Natural light

Endel compensates for the lack (or excess) of light outside by adapting the soundscape’s intensity.

Heart rate

Endel adjusts the beat to your real-time heart rate, borrowing it from the Health (Google Fit) app and comparing it with your normal resting HR.


Endel reacts to the outdoor temperature with variations in sound.

Motion type

Endel alters sound intensity according to the number of steps taken per minute during your walking session.


Sound Engine

Endel’s sound engine consists of sound layers, modulations, and effects — all created in line with psychoacoustic studies. An algorithm processes user state information and generates a soundscape accordingly — by constructing unique combinations of sound engine components.

This happens on the fly, reacts to changes, and allows Endel to sync a user state with the circadian rhythm.

Sound Generation