2023-03-02 / Endel

Jakob Kolar's Story: Habits of a Highly Productive Person

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On some days, I find it difficult to concentrate and get into focus mode. Being so easily distracted is a matter of self-discipline, I think. You have to make a conscious decision to turn off dozens of notifications from apps, emails, Slack and other messengers, close unnecessary windows on your desktop and really be focused on one task at a time.

"I love the feeling of being productive — it’s very rewarding. I want to use my time wisely and get more done in less time."

Some difficult or less inspiring tasks sometimes lead to procrastination. For me, productivity involves many different factors that aren't limited to concentration. It's also about time management, effective workplace setup, and efficient planning tools. I believe that there isn't just one tool that will skyrocket productivity. The intelligent combination of all these things only works. And, of course, it's not set in stone:

"I regularly do a reality check to see if the tools to stay focused I’m using are still serving me. "

Improving your concentration

Sound is one of the important parts of my efficient workplace arrangements. When I am working in a noisy environment, it distracts me sometimes. For me, it was always strange to sit in the office and deliberately listen to the radio station someone had turned on. Over time, however, I was able to come to terms with it — I listened to electronic music to protect myself from that annoying extraneous noise and the sudden radio commercials.

"However, the fact that I had to choose the right music, find the right playlist or change it, distracted me a lot. For me, it was its own task that took time and effort."

Some years ago, I became self-employed, worked on many different projects, and started a master's study simultaneously. I was so overloaded with work that I had to prioritize sharply. To do so, I invested in a vision and made fundamental changes. I realized that having the matching tools and systems in place helps me concentrate, reduce distractions and achieve my goals.

I came across an article about Endel and got curious with its ‘7x increase in focus’ statement. I tried it and was very satisfied with my first experience because it was easy: just push play. No decision-making!

"Now Endel makes it easier for me to concentrate wherever I am working from.. I turnit on and create a productivity bubble using the soundscapes and the noise canceling earbuds."

Head with some lines

Tips on Being More Productive

Endel tangibly impacts my productivity and helps me kick off and get into the flow to work on bigger or complex tasks. I often use Focus or Deep Work soundscapes combined with the Pomodoro technique in order to boost my productivity. I divide my work into intervals and set a timer for 25 minutes of intense concentration work, followed by a quick 5-minute break.

I also use the Power Nap scenario when I need a quick nap in the middle of the day, but I don't use soundscapes as sleep sounds because I don't want my phone or other electronic devices in my bedroom.

After using Endel for two years, I have the feeling that my brain is already accustomed to the soundscapes I typically use, which purportedly "press the appropriate button" and set the right setting.

"Endel soundscapes have become the complete concentration triggers for my brain and a shortcut to get in the right mood for intensive work. Like many people need a cup of coffee to start, I need an Endel soundscape."

Tools to help focus and productivity frequently come up in one-on-one meetings with the team I coach. I frequently recommend Endel to team members who aim to improve their productivity.