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My Experience with Adult ADHD: A Psychologist's Story of Staying Focused

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I’m a psychologist, so I’m closely following what’s happening in the scientific community. When I first read the study on ADHD in adults some years ago, I was surprised, to be honest. Back from my university years, it was believed that ADHD is all about children and only lasts until puberty.

"When I delved into learning about ADHD in adults, I noticed that the symptoms described in the literature were similar to what I observed in my clients, especially women, and what I experienced myself."

My parents were very proud of me for being good at singing, painting, dancing, and many other things. It never occurred to them that something could be wrong with me. I also considered my urge for action and switching from one interest to another to be a part of my nature. Growing up, I felt that this “part” weighed me down and made difficulties at work and in my personal life. I visited a psychiatrist eventually, and was prescribed a course of rather strong antidepressants.

"It is possible to live with ADHD, of course. Self-awareness and mindfulness definitely help."

Head with the lines

My story of ADHD

It took me some time to realize what to do to feel better and cope with ADHD. Firstly, I have to add a lot of supporting rituals. I need to do some cardio exercise in the morning, followed by a contrast shower and a glass of hot water. These tiny activities assist me with waking up and sensing my body and mind. In the same manner, I need to slow down in the evening: making an effort to dim all screens and lights and use candles instead.

I carefully organize my work routine. I need to sit down for work at the same time, ideally at 9:00 a.m. In the beginning, I do easy tasks that do not require a lot of effort and focus: for example, I check my inbox, plan the tasks for the day, write them down in a diary and mark them with different colors. At 10:00 I start deep work. Every hour and a half, I need to get up and move around, switch my focus, otherwise I start procrastinating and get stuck even with the simplest tasks.

When I’m working from home, occasionally, the house feels peaceful, but after about ten minutes, life eventually intervenes: street noise, neighbors, plumbing, you name it. I don't want this, but I start to center my mind on these unimportant sounds and get distracted.

"White noise and functional sound became more and more familiar to me as I learned more about ADHD."

I tried listening to white noise, and I enjoyed the outcome since I started to feel a lot better. In order to tailor the sound to my taste, I even started mixing noises myself. However, using white noise as a fix left me feeling unsatisfied; I grew bored with it over time.

How to stay productive with ADHD

So, I never stopped testing new tech products, looking for something that could provide me with a pleasant soundtrack for my life. I learned about Endel from a friend during the pandemic. In Barcelona, ​​the quarantine was very strict: we were locked at home without an opportunity to leave the house. After using Endel for a few days, I felt that it was effective for me and that I might stop my search there.

"Endel is not intrusive, it creates a sense of security. It seems to me like a kind of caring that you only notice when you stop receiving it."

There is no sensation that the sound suddenly jars or abruptly ends. Even when changing AI soundscapes, they flow smoothly, almost imperceptibly replacing each other. It’s very calming. Additionally, Endel isn't boring; it gives you options so that you can select the sound that best suits your context and who you are right now.

"Many of my rituals now include Endel as a natural extension, it genuinely fills in some gaps."

When I jog, Endel helps me withdraw into myself and be focused on my inner process, without being distracted by the sounds of the city or random conversations. Endel has also evolved into my routine if I need to work or read a book when the environment is either too quiet or too loud for me.

Not only do I use Endel myself, but I often recommend it to my clients if they have difficulties falling asleep or concentrating, and especially to those who work in noisy environments. As a professional, I am unable to advise anything directly, I can only share my personal experience and explain how this soundscape app benefits me. Those who gave it a shot, replied favorably and told me that their overall well-being had improved. Moreover, they learned that listening to meditation music is not the only option.

"With Endel, they experience a completely new sound universe, and this is tremendously motivating to them."