2022-05-01 / Endel

How Alan Watts inspired a relaxing soundscape

Our collaborative soundscape, Alan Watts: Wiggly Wisdom, is pure happiness on tap. Created in partnership with the Alan Watts Organization, Wiggly Wisdom is a soothing and motivating soundscape infused with the playful wisdom of the celebrated philosopher, Alan Watts.

Wiggly Wisdom helps refresh your mind as inspiring words float in and out of focus, giving you gentle motivation and food for thought. It wiggles and flows, making you feel relaxed and positive.

Get to know Alan Watts, and how this soundscape is a new way to experience his life-enhancing lectures, in this chat with Alan’s son Mark, and Endel's CEO Oleg Stavitsky.

Why we sleep better with endel

Who is Alan Watts?

Alan Watts was an influential writer, speaker, and thinker, credited with helping to popularize Eastern philosophy in the West. His ability to translate and apply critical perspectives have helped trigger major shifts in thinking, and inspired millions globally to live with presence and purpose.

He’s also inspired Hollywood movies and indie games, including Everything, an award-winning video game created by artist David O’Reilly, which utilized audio clips of Watts to narrate its meditative gameplay.

Watts spent much of his life working to bring others a deeper experience of the present moment, making him a perfect fit for Endel’s personalized approach to wellness.

Wiggly Wisdom is available in the Endel apps for iOS, Android, macOS, Amazon Alexa.