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Bridge the gap, productivity and peace

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Meet Endel Pacific™ — the technology behind all Endel products.

With our Series A funding, secured by well-being app enthusiast Kevin Rose and Silicon Valley venture capital firm True Ventures, we are excited to accelerate the development of Endel Pacific. We expect to share many new additions to the Endel product ecosystem in 2020!


Doing nothing fuels your brain – stay productive by being idle every now and again

Doing nothing can be a key to creativity, and – from a working point of view – a good way to complete tasks in less conventional ways. Treat idleness the same as your minimum daily amount of sleep: when you don't spend enough time doing nothing, you spend less time being creative and productive.


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Love your body

First of all, get yourself a good night's sleep. These suggestions will be of little help if you are sleep deprived. Already checked that box? Then take care of your daily exercise, any physical activity will do: even grocery shopping counts. A single morning stretch can boost your cognitive control all day.

Train your brain

Meditation — or attention training if you prefer — is a workout for your brain. Pick whichever practice you feel drawn to, from classic breathing exercises to dynamic meditation. Follow through for a few weeks to restore full cognitive control (and strengthen your attention muscles).

Get lost in the woods

Even without following Henry Thoreau's path, you can easily expand your attention and awareness by spending some time in nature. It's almost unbelievable, but studies claim that just looking at a landscape picture positively affects our psyche. This actually helps the brain recover, at long last explaining the mystery and appeal of default wallpapers.

Cease multitasking

Nobody can really manage it, period. Multitasking is a trick that our brain plays on us, with an emotional reward for every new task we add. But in practice, things take longer when we multitask. Decide for yourself, would you rather be a hormone junkie or regain free will (and always finish tasks)?

Cut out distractions

Keep your work environment as sterile as an art gallery. Such simple things like snacks or toys can kick you out of a productive mood in seconds. Be your own evil manager, and cut out all the temptations that might give you an uncomfortable feeling of discontent at the end of the day. Endel can help here, btw!

Thanks to Eric Barker and bakadesuyo blog for research and inspiration.


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Productivity is so much more than just energy. It’s energy, cognition, and balance. Another great combination is Endel + Magic Mind, the world’s first productivity shot.


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