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Study smart with a scientific soundscape

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When you need to focus for long periods, less is more, according to studies

A study by Joe DeGutis and Mike Esterman at the Boston Attention and Learning Lab in Massachusetts used brain imaging experiments too look at effective ways to focus.

They found that the most successful strategy was to focus for a while, take a short break before, and then go back to concentrating.

People who tried to be ‘on’ all the time made more mistakes.


Set clear goals

Setting clear, realistic goals allows you to focus on what needs to be done, and to easily measure your progress.


Understand your learning type

Not everyone learns the same way. There are four types of leaners: visual, auditory (aural), kinesthetic (hands-on), and reading/writing. Know your type so you can work to your strengths.


Create a regular study space and stay organized

Find a space that’s free from distraction, with enough room to take notes. Keep it clean and organized – you’ll thank yourself each day!


Take notes by hand

Sometimes it might feel quicker to use your laptop. But taking notes by hand involves cognitive engagement in summarising, paraphrasing, and organising ideas – leading to a deeper understanding.


Teach what you've learned to another person

The protégé effect is a psychological phenomenon where teaching information to others helps a person learn information themselves. Try explaining what you’ve learned with another classmate or friend.


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