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Move with Endel and Miguel

Two groundbreaking new soundscapes made for mindful movement


Elevate every step while walking and hiking

Built on our groundbreaking Move technology that adapts to your walk or hike. Created with the Grammy-winning master of mellow, Miguel.

Turn On Motion!


In order to enjoy the Clarity Trip and Move soundscapes adapting to your activity, you’ll need to allow access motion data – just head to the settings area.

Move by Endel


Our most responsive soundscape yet. Feel grounded and connected while walking or running, with a soundscape that reacts to your every step.


Unlike regular music, Move and Clarity Trip are always in sync with your activity. Whether it’s a gentle stroll or pounding run, Endel AI automatically detects the activity and responds with the optimal soundscape – tempo matched to your step count.


Miguel is a Grammy Award-winning musician and singer, wellness enthusiast, and mental health advocate. Clarity Trip is packed with original sounds and vocals full of his signature laid-back style.


Miguel always uses walking to inspire creativity. And according to a study from Stanford University, it really does work. Creative output increased by an average of 60 percent when walking vs sitting. So tune in to Clarity Trip, walk, and get inspired!


Be aware of your surroundings

Use your eyes and ears to absorb your surroundings and feel more present. Make a mental note of everything you’re experiencing.

Be mindful of your body

Pay close attention to how your body feels. It could be the wind against your face or your legs beginning to tire. Be thankful for everything your body does for you.

Get inspired

It’s not about reaching any destination. Just enjoy every moment of your journey and have gratitude for the clarity and creativity it brings you.