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Living life in balance with natural cycles

You've unlocked a source of news and inspiration designed to extend the benefits of Endel.


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20 headline-making albums of the Endel algorithm-as-artist are available again—on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and more. Focus, relax, and sleep with Endel via streaming platforms, but don't miss out on our seamless, fully personalized in-app experience.

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Alexa Skill Is Expanding to New Countries


The Endel skill is now available in all English-language Amazon stores! You can enable it from the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, in addition to India and Germany. The next step, planned for later in the year: add support for Spanish, French, and Japanese.

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Come join Endel's journey towards more humane technology! We have 9 open positions for professionals of all types:

Business Development:

Business Development Manager




C++ Developer, Lead Android Developer, Android Developer, Swift Developer


UI Designer

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QA Specialist


Finance Manager

Endel Schedule for a Day


Make a schedule

Keep your internal clock running smoothly with a consistent sleep schedule. Stick to it and sleep at least 8 hours. You can also schedule Endel sessions to help doze off and wake up.

Careful with naps

Be careful with how you nap. Though a power nap can be restful and restorative, sleeping too long or too late in the day can upset the rest of your sleep schedule.

Exercise before bed

A moderate workout 2 hours before bedtime reduces post-work anxiety, and burns excess energy so you can fall asleep fast.

Set aside criticism

Save self-criticism and nitpicking for tomorrow. When you lay down to sleep, make sure that your focus is on sleep and not yesterday’s worries.

Avoid late meals

Having dinner about 4 hours before you sleep is a great way to help sync up your intake with your body’s natural energy cycles.


A Blissful Day Is The Key To a Good Night

Let the soothing sounds of our Chores scenario set a pleasant mood while you get work done.